Kamis, 20 September 2012

Me and My Dream

Hi Friends! My goal is to continue studying abroad. I want to be a member of the international diplomatic. But because it can not permit outside of the region to meet father motivator when I joined the forum jambi provincial child when my 2nd grade school. I was back on a scholarship S1 in Japan. it's all possible because my parents were very dear to me so I do not permitted it to him. or maybe I was too young to live away from them. My father and my mother was not sure that I could live on their own out there.

     Now I lecture S1 Physics Education Study Program at the University of Edinburgh, I believe it's destiny for me. I now live in the boarding house. but I hope to study abroad was never lost. I'm sure after graduating from UNJA I got older that my mom and dad believe I was able to live independently. Amen. May we never stop praying and trying to succeed.


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