Senin, 21 Oktober 2013

Karakter di Gantz Movie

Ninomiya Kazunari as Kurono Kei on Gantz Perfect Answer (Kei Chan)

Kenichi Matsuyama as Kato Masaru on Gantz (Katou)

Yoshitaka Yuriko as Kojima Tae Gantz Movie (Tae Chan)

Top Action Movie

Senin, 07 Oktober 2013

The One Thing That Everyone Need it

You life?
You have died?
You Still young?
You have old?
You Health?
You Sick?
You Happy?
You So Sad?
You a Man?
You a Woman?
You Rich?
You Poor?
You School?
You Not School?
You Working?
You not working?
You Sleep?
You can not sleep?
You So hungry?
You so Angry?
You clever?
You stupid fool?

Not important who you are,but everyone needed the one thing.

Everytime you look at the world you imagine if you can't open your eyes anymore to look at someone that you Love,,
When you breathe, you afraid if you can breathe forever in front someone that you Love,,,
When you sleep, you confused can't get up and remember someone that you Love,,,,
When you singing a song, you hope could singing forever with someone that you Love,,,,
When you smile, you think again if you be old man and your smile not beautiful anymore for someone that you Love.

You won't be afraid. If you can't to do it now, do it!
If you not ready, collect your bravery from now
If you don't know how to say it, make different way and select the choice to say it
If you afraid be old man, be the one that always smile. You'll young forever

But, you must remember your God. Because His Love never stop  flow for you
If you love His with your soul, believe it. God help you to find your Love, help you together with someone that you love (Forever and Always)