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Healty and Ideal Body

Healthy and Ideal Body
         Having an ideal and healthy body is the dream of almost every woman. Although there are some women  who have a body tired too slim or skinny and want to increase the weight. There are so many ways to lose weight to look slim and beautiful body. Ranging from diet to liposection, with low cost to very expensive. But not all of these ways are good for our health. For example, diet, diet is not prohibited but especially belly diet torture yourself so miserable. Come live in this world only once comrades, do not torture yourself with hunger. A diet too much will cause ulcer disease. Consider ulcer disease is rarely to be found in people who are underweight, but otherwise this disease often we find by our friends who have more weight.
          Besides it's not just people who have more weight wishing slender, even those who have been given a beautiful and slim body shape just also want to maintain the slimness of her body. As a result, some people suffer from anorexia or too thin due to diet. Even one of hollywood actress Anna Carolina Reston experience it. After every meal she always regurgitate the food he ate for fear of fat as a result of her beautiful, slim and sexy to be skinny like skin and bone. And I hope these bad things from happening to a friend - a friend of all.
Restrained eaters without exercise will not lose weight, as well as exercising regularly but had not reduced jauga it will not work. Now, therefore, I have a healthy tips to have an ideal body without having to make us suffer:
1.  Eat fruits to lose weight among
a ) pineapple, the fruit that comes from Brazil is believed to have enough acid content to attract the proteins and fats that exist in our body.
b)  Papaya, fruit originally from America in addition to having a sweet taste and a tender was also shown to lose weight.
c)  Pomegranate, unique and sweet fruit comes from Sham Middle East is able to absorb the fat in the body.
d) Kiwi, originating from the Americas and Europe are also able to absorb fat in the body is also caring for skin health.
e)  Apples, the fruit that comes from the shady area is believed to reduce appetite.
But friends do not have to worry about the above fruits can already be encountered anywhere. Termasuk fruit in stores nearby are all around us.
2. Being a vegetarian while, well ahead of our weight down not our problem so seoran vegetarians like to eat vegetables. Who says it is not ena vegetables? Vegetables that taste good anyway if the way we cook it right and fitting with the recipe.
3. Exercise, exercise may run it is common and sometimes push yourself too boring and tiring. But not because I have to look olagraga, work with sincerity. Ikhlas? How exhausting it can make us sincere? The trick is: find a sport that is our hobby. For example, we like badminton, look for our friend who has the same mission we want to lose weight to be invited to play badminton. Swim in delightful friend, though not able to swim. Indeed swimming is olagraga most effective way to lose weight. And much more fun sport for us.

If it is so, do you think your friends ate the delicious fruits that torture myself? So it was not tasty vegetarian and tedious exercise. Certainly not right. That tips have the ideal body and healthy that I can give good luck.

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